International Association of Autologous and Minimal Invasive Dentistry

You want to be part of a new movement in Dentistry? Help us to start the “International Association of Autologous and Minimal Invasive Dentistry”.


Because autologous and minimally invasive Dentistry is the most innovative, and for the well-being of our patients, the best area of dental medicine today. However, at present it is simply underrepresented. Therefore we would like to establish a international association on the basis of German association law (e.V.) and ask for your support.

What are the purposes of the “International Association of Autologous and Minimal Invasive Dentistry”?

Only the essence: The purpose of the association is to promote the autologous and minimally invasive procedures in modern dentistry. Our vision is that both users and key opinion leaders (KOLs) of the different procedures and applications are united in this association. We want to establish a regular exchange of experiences and knowledge and become a common voice against requests from third parties.

What is the first step?

The German association law stipulates that at least 7 members of the association must be present at a start-up meeting, they form the association, elect their bodies and vote on the statutes. A realistic window of time for this would be January 2018. For this meeting, we would suggest Frankfurt, because Frankfurt can be reached both nationally and internationally in a simple and convenient manner.

If you are interested to join our new society as a “founding father”, feel free to contact us at or via Facebook, so we add you to the founding group.

Dr. Manuel Waldmeyer