About the IAAMID

“It is not enough to know – one must also apply. It is not enough to want – one must also do.”

 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Just as this Goethe citation combines theory and practice, it is our aim to equip our members with the necessary armaments in order to be able to operate autologous and minimally invasive dental medicine in their every day practice.

Our aim is not only to gather knowledge about autologous and minimally invasive procedures, but also to promote this at a scientific level.

What does the IAAMID want to provide?

We are planning to
(a) promote research in autologous and minimally invasive dentistry,
(b) provide relevant and valuable research results to our members and to the dental society,
(c) promote autologous and minimally invasive Dentistry training,
(d) cooperate with national and international scientific associations, working groups, societies and institutions.
(e) become a dental society advising political bodies and institutions to promote autologous and minimally invasive dentistry,
(f) representate autologous and minimally invasive dentistry in the organs and structures of other medical specialties and their sub-areas.


What we want to offer to our members

– access to scientific meetings, congresses and workshops

– assistance in scientific events through lectures, discussion papers and panel presentations

– formation of project groups for specific, in particular practice-relevant research areas of autologous and minimally invasive dentistry,

– cooperation with bodies and associations which are conducive to the purpose of IAAMID

– publication of research results and scientific contributions

– awarding of scientific prizes